Dolphin Dash is Back!

Dolphin Dash is Back!


The race is on once again to see which Jacksonville team can dash for the cash! April 9th will begin Jacksonville University Athletics' second annual Dolphin Dash Micro-Giving Campaign. This six-day campaign will take place during the university's Charter Week from April 9th – April 14th between Jacksonville's 18 varsity sports and the spirit squad. The goal is to cultivate philanthropic financial supporters of Jacksonville Athletics through gifts targeted to a specific team.

The challenge continues following the success of last year's Dolphin Dash, which saw just under $50,000 dollars given by over 1,700 unique donors. Sixteen of the 19 programs achieved their team-specific benchmark to obtain a matching gift. The softball team came out on top, garnering 299 unique donors to earn a top matching gift of $2000. The spirit team, women's rowing and men's lacrosse rounded out the programs who led over 200 donors each to make contributions.


What is Dolphin Dash? A one-week giving challenge amongst Jacksonville University's athletic programs to raise the most money and have the most unique donors. Recurring-gifts and pledge payments are included during this campaign.

How does Dolphin Dash work? This year, the competition will be based on participation and the amount of money raised. Each team will have the opportunity to win various contests en-route to securing matching gifts. Each team will keep what they raise to assist their program budgets.

How Do I Donate? Visit between April 9th and April 14th. Choose a team from the Gift Designation dropdown menu and complete the necessary contact & credit card information. Donors are welcome to make gifts to multiple teams, but only one gift per team will count towards the specific team's total. 

Matching Gift Prizes for Participation

  • Gold Phin (1st Place most donations) - $3,500
  • Silver Phin (2nd Place most donations) - $1,500
  • Bronze Phin (3rd Place most donations) - $1,000

Matching Gift Prizes for Dollars

  • Gold Phin (1st Place largest amount raised) - $3,500
  • Silver Phin (2nd Place largest amount raised) - $1,500
  • Bronze Phin (3rd Place largest amount raised) - $1,000

Team Benchmarks - $250 per team

  • Must achieve 20 unique donors – M/W Golf, Men's Rowing, Spirit Squad, M/W Soccer.
  • Must achieve 40 unique donors – Baseball, M/W Basketball, M/W Lacrosse, Football, Women's Rowing, Softball, Track & Field and XC, Volleyball (Indoor and Sand).

Unique Contest Incentives

Highest Alumni Participation (%) - $1,000; Awarded to the team with highest alumni participation percentage.

Faculty and Staff Participation - $1,000; Awarded to the team with the most JU faculty and staff donors.  

Fast Start (April 9-10) - $1,000; Awarded to the team with the most unique donors within the first two days of Dolphin Dash.

Fast Cash (April 9-10) - $1,000; Awarded to the team with the largest amount raised within the first two days of Dolphin Dash.

That's $20,000 in matching gifts! Complete Results announced the week of April 16th!