Lauren Cevis Assumes New, Elevated Role with Jacksonville Athletics

Lauren Cevis Assumes New, Elevated Role with Jacksonville Athletics

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville University Senior Vice President, Athletic Director, Alex Ricker-Gilbert announced this week that in the wake of unprecedented academic success achieved by our teams over the past four years, Lauren Cevis will be assuming the title of Deputy Athletic Director/SWA.

"I am thrilled that we have been able to re-recruit Lauren Cevis and promote her to Deputy Athletic Director," Ricker-Gilbert said. "Lauren is one of the most talented student-athlete success professionals that we have in our business. There is no staff member on campus that has had more of an impact on our student-athlete's meteoric rise in the classroom. She will continue to lead the charge in enhancing the experience for our students every day.

Cevis was earmarked for opportunities elsewhere but the department recognized her value and pursued her with this advanced and unique opportunity. The role will heavily involve Cevis in all aspects directly related to the student-athletes, including, but not limited to academics, student-athlete welfare, student-athlete development and residential life. She'll be involved in all macro-level aspects of all female programs; have direct oversight of Student-Athlete Services, Strength & Conditioning and Athletic Training and will provide administrative oversight of the women's lacrosse, women's soccer, men's rowing and women's basketball programs.

"As I reflect over the past four years that I have spent at Jacksonville University, I remain thankful and appreciative for the leadership and guidance that I have received thus far," Cevis added. "I have learned so much from the direct mentorship of such University leaders as President Tim Cost, Athletic Director, Alex Ricker-Gilbert, former Provost Dr. Donnie Horner, Faculty Athletics Representative Dr. Kim Capriotti, and Department of Education Chair, Dr. Colleen Wilson. I remain humble and grateful that I am able to continue to serve the Jacksonville University community, and specifically the Department of Athletics in an expanded role. I believe that our past accomplishments will continue to provide a solid foundation as we remain steadfast in our approach towards comprehensive excellence, and truly look forward to what the future has in store for Jacksonville University."

Lauren is heavily involved, not only within the athletic department but campus-wide. She serves on the Compliance and Certification Committee, Faculty Athletics Committee, Ad Hoc Faculty Athletics Committee for Missed Class Policy, Academic Misconduct Committee, Athletics Policies and Procedures Committee, Summer Bridge Programming Committee, Community Outreach Committee and University JU101 Committee.

She is also a key collaborator with a wide range of departments across campus. She will be working with Athletic Training, Counseling Center, and Brooks College of Health and Sciences to develop a Student-Athlete Welfare Plan that focuses on cross campus collaboration in the areas of educating, preparing, and assisting coaches and staff to focus on the holistic student approach to student-athlete welfare in addition to working with the Counseling Center and Clinical Mental Health Counseling program to further develop a Student-Athlete Welfare Team.

This upcoming year, Cevis will work with cross campus constituents on the development of an all-encompassing summer bridge program for students as well as with the College of Education to establish an Athletics Learning Support Unit. Her time with the JU101 Committee will be spent on the implementation of the University's first "Intro to Jacksonville University: Student-Athletes" course.

The academic success of the Jacksonville student-athletes culminated last week when the ASUN awarded the Dolphins their first, Presidents' Academic Trophy, which goes to the member institution with the highest percentage of student-athletes earning All-Academic honors for the academic year.

Under Cevis' guidance, 80.8 percent of JU's student-athletes achieved a 3.0 GPA or better for the 2017-18 academic year. All 19 of Jacksonville's teams recorded a 3.0 GPA or higher in 2017-18, marking the first time in department history. Additionally, 17 teams improved their GPA from the 2016-17 academic year, 12 teams achieved their highest semester GPA during the 2017-18 academic year, and nine teams reached their highest GPA ever.

While working through all of this, Cevis has completed her MBA this summer, and will begin the Doctorate in Business Administration program offered by the Davis College of Business at Jacksonville University this fall. These degrees will add to Cevis' already earned BA in Communication from the University of Maryland and MPS in Sports Industry Management from Georgetown University.