The vision for the continuing development of the JU strength and conditioning program follows the guidelines for the administration of collegiate strength and conditioning programs set by national professional associations. The strength and conditioning program aspires to produce athletes with strength, speed, power and discipline that are capable of putting these qualities into play in the area of competition to win NCAA and conference championships.
It is our desire to become one of the leading strength and conditioning programs in NCAA athletics.


 The Jacksonville University Strength & Conditioning Center was built in 1998 with the introduction of the Football Program at Jacksonville University. The weight room is a 2,700-square foot training facility which includes free weight machines, and cardio equipment. The facility is located in close proximity to four conditioning fields, a 15yd x 20yd sand pit, Swimming Pool, and several off-road running courses.

The strength center is one of the premier training facilities in the Atlantic Sun Conference & Pioneer Football League. The facility features 4 Wynmor double-sided combo racks with bench, incline, squat, dip and pull-up capabilities. Each of the 8 custom Olympic platforms contain a full set of York training bumpers and bars. The facility also has a set of dumbbells ranging from five to 125lbs, 4 Glute-Ham machines and an arrangement of Medicine Balls and Physio Balls for specialized training.


In recent years, the Jacksonville University Strength & Conditioning Center has taken a new look and feel of a Division I facility, as the Strength & Conditioning staff has been committed to creating faster, stronger, explosive and more flexible athletes. The main objective of the JU Strength & Conditioning staff is to improve athletic performance while reducing injuries caused by weak muscles, tendons, ligaments, and general lack of flexibility. The JU Strength & Conditioning staff develops individualized training programs specific to each sports program, these programs entail the use of closed kinetic chain, multi-joint exercises, which enable athletes to develop balance, coordination, kinesthetic awareness, as well as requiring the athlete to use the entire body just as they do in competition. Every strength and conditioning program mixes the proper amount of power, speed, strength, and conditioning to obtain top physical performance.


At Jacksonville University, we believe that strength and conditioning is the backbone of athletics, making sure our student-athletes are strong, healthy, and competitive is our number one priority. We strive to build team dynamics, leadership, and an attitude of excellence among the athletes of every sport. We aim to prepare and educate, as well as preserve the long-standing Dolphin tradition. Through proper training, we are preparing JU student-athletes physically and mentally for the rigors of competition as well as for the real world.


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