TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2011
USA Blog #4: Getting work in
When its a little rainy outside, its a great time to be in the gym shooting hoops - which was the case this morning.

I got to watch our first edit film of good/bad plays of yesterday's practice. Now comes teaching time - learning from our mistakes and reminding everyone of the things they excelled in practice - especially when we started slow but had a good practice.

A lot of guys are still adjusting to the altitude. It takes some time to get used to being in the mountains if you've never been here before.

Really impressed with Tim Hardaway, Jr. (Michigan). He has a great shooting routine everyday, I wish I could videotape it. I may try tomorrow. He is REALLY good and his approach to the game is very professional. He's been coached and raised RIGHT!

Lunch was light and quick. Back to the video room for quick film study.

At night, we had a scrimmage against some Air Force Academy players. Our effort was good, but our execution needs work.

This is great for me as an assistant again as I get the chance to talk to players during games as well asa before/after practice.

Our dinner was top notch again. This time we ate at the athletic training center - reminded me of being in the Cafe at JU again with lots of variety.

The highlight of dinner was meeting some of the athletes that are out here training in other sports. I would really love to see the boxing workout - they train REALLY HARD!

Back to the room and time for some film.