USA Blog #5: Going Old School
Good morning Dolphins! Day five here in Colorado started with an early breakfast in the hotel with fruit juice tea and oatmeal - very healthy, I know!

First item to do today - get to the gym and watch the edit of last night's scrimmage. Everyone contributed with points, rebounds, deflections and ENERGY. I thought we were good in transition and scored several easy baskets.

Coach Hewiit had some old school music playing during practice to see if guys would talk louder and concentrate more. The look on the guys faces when songs like Car Wash, Fire, Run Joe, 6 minutes and Money were priceless!!!

Some of them knew the songs, but not the artist. They all were stunned that old hip-hop music didn't have curse words or talk about violence!

We are getting better with each practice. Guys are starting to get to know one another on a personal level as well. It's hard to develop team chemistry in such a short time span, but our guys are coming together well.

I got some shots up myself in the gym with my man Kyle Pilapovich (dad is an assistant coach at Air Force) rebounding for me. The international 3-point line is not as far as I thought - I made just a few!!

It's been really funny that all the players are all dying to get some fast food as we've had great meals all week. Tonight we had another good meal on the USA Training Center campus. It had a lot of variety for adults, but you know tennagers only want the greasy stuff.

The mountains here still have snow on them. The picture with this story I took on the way to practice this morning. It's absolutely beautiful out here.

My project for the rest of the week is learning how to Skype this week so I can be ready to do it when we leave the country.

Tonight's practice was focused on half court execution, with work on zone offense and defense. After that, a little more film study.

Before I leave, summer session #2 started Monday at JU. Our freshmen on campus are getting a real break that I'm not on campus! Ha ha ha!