USA Blog #6: Back to Work
Day six started with an early morning message about a few JU players in summer school not exactly on time, but I'm glad to hear at least one returner had something to say!

First to the gym today was Dougie Fresh McDermott (his dad coaches at Creighton). Coaches kids always know what to do. I hope CHAMP is first kid at school/day care!!!

Jeremy Lamb (UConn) and myself were champions of the after practice shooting contest against James Bell (Villanova), Tony Mitchell (North Texas) and Tim Hardaway (Michigan).

I don't know how I'm going to get used to eating when I get home. We had P.F. Chang's for lunch...good eats!

We had a scrimmage tonight against Air Force and some former college players went well. We really got after it on defense. James Bell (Villanova, ACD and Montverde) had 13 deflections (and he gave me some Nova gear...thanks!).

Boy, did I miss camp today! We had our WACKY Wednesday dance off for is a video of one of the best performances:

Tomorrow we take the team photo. It's amazing and humbling to know that in a few weeks we will be representing our country.