SUNDAY, JULY 03, 2011
USA Blog #13: US Embassy Visit
Let me get you caught up on some things that I've forgotten to tell you about.

First, have I told you that it doesn't get dark until after 10 p.m.? Then the sun starts to come out at 4 a.m. This is really different than back home.

The other thing I've forgotten to tell you about is the difference between the beaches in Jacksonville and Liepaja Beach. It's one thing - the Speedos. Yes, the Speedos.

Man, this is RIDICULOUS! Guys of all ages are wearing these things. This would be a look that only our AD, Alan Verlander, would wear!!! (Yeah, I thought that would get you to laugh.)

We have a three hour drive to Riga, the capital city, and I'm looking forward to seeing the big city, going to US Embassy, real American food, Latvian superstar Gunta Basko (former Siena College women's basketball player), Richard Kusics (former Arizona State player...yeah WE BEAT THEM in the NIT - watch the shot again by clicking here.Don't act like you didn't watch Sportscenter that night to see Ben Smith do his thing).

No practice today as we need to get some rest because we have three tough games coming up with Canada, Lithuania and Croatia.

Everybody walks here and walks for miles. Oh yeah and everybody SMOKES...yuck!

Glen Wong (computer/IT/asst/good dude) has given me a TRUE education on how to use my BlackBerry Messenger. This dude needs a raise!

We got a quick walk thru, not a full shootaround at the arena in Riga. This place is really nice - like an NBA Arena.

I feel very blessed to be apart of this whole event. I thank GOD every day for the life he has provided me.