Rain delay can't dampen first-day enthusiasm
Despite a half hour weather delay in getting started, everyone involved with JU’s first fall football practice Tuesday was pretty happy with how opening day went. Well, almost everybody.

“Other than the shortened practice with the weather, I thought we had a pretty good first day, coach Kerwin Bell said after wrapping up. “The guys were really energetic, had a lot of intensity and flew around and did some good things.’’

Bell said first day objectives weren’t difficult as the team worked in helmets only.

“Being out of pads you just try to get a lot of reps; get the operation down on offense and get people lined up on defense,’’ he said.

The secondary, in particular, looked rather stout for a first effort but junior safety Andre Addison wasn’t so pleased with Andre’s play.

“On my part, it was worse than I expected,’’ Addison, from Crescent City, Fla., said. “I was just rusty and I’ve got to learn the playbook again.’’

It’s not that Addison forgot the playbook, but he only moved to safety only in the spring and now is somewhat like the quarterback of the secondary.

“There’s a lot I have to learn,’’ he said. “I have to learn the cornerbacks, the linebackers, everybody’s position. It’s relearning the playbook.’’

Addison said while he wasn’t so happy with his play, he was surprised by what he saw from the team’s freshmen. “They’re a lot better than I thought,’’ he said. “They’re very talented.’’

Bell said that while the team is happy with this year’s recruiting class, he’ll know more when the pads come on later this week.

“We’ve got to see what happens when those pads come on, that’s a little different,’’ Bell said. “There are some very talented kids and we feel good about our recruiting class. But you never know until they get in live action with some pads on how they’ll react at this level. But, but they’ve got a world of potential.’’

The team will practice in the mornings the remainder of the week and has a scrimmage scheduled Saturday morning at D.B. Milne Field at 10.

Notes: Linebacker Taylor Marsh got credit for the first interception of the fall. He then said he is till “knocking the rust off.’’ … offensive lineman Logan Williamson said after practice he’s “ready to put the pads on and get it pumped up’’ and linebacker Trevor Alfredson was happy with the post-rain weather. “It was good,’’ he said. “Nice and cool outside.’’ … Addison on how much his playbook has expanded now that he has a new role. “Ten times,’’ he laughed. “Ten times.’’

- Jim Nasella