Get on, or off, the bus in second scrimmage
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It’s beginning to be “make the bus’’ time for the JU football team and with that in mind Saturday’s scrimmage at The Bolles School will hold a high level of importance to a lot of players.

And, with that, there will be a lot of looking going on. Players looking at other players, coaches looking at players … you get the picture.

“I’m looking for the younger guys to see how well they produce, how much they have learned throughout this week and to see how they do in the scrimmage,’’ defensive back and kick return Colby Walden said. “Like coach (Kerwin) Bell says, we’ll see who we are going to take to Georgia Southern for this victory we are going to put together.’’

Walden, a senior from Tampa, Fla., doesn’t mince words on the importance of Saturday’s (6 p.m.) work.

“This is the make it or break it time, or as we say, who’s going and who’s staying , we’re just trying to see who can produce out here, I believe,’’ he said.

Bell says plenty of young players will get long looks and there will be more than the traditional offensive drives going on as situationals, red zone, third and long, etc., will be on tap.

“We’ve got our eyes on a few guys and we’re going to get some young guys in there,’’ he said. “We’re really beat up and we’re sick, we’ve got some flu going around a little so we’re starting to see work from our backup guys which is good for us. They’re really coming on and I want to see them in a live scrimmage.’’

Walden says veterans, too, have things to work on.

“I want to correct a few mental mistakes I made (during last week’ scrimmage),’’ he said. “I made a few myself on certain coverages. Not busting coverage is my main focus. I want to have a perfect scrimmage.’’

Bell agrees that even the older players need to be on their toes.

“We will continue to try and find the guys we think can make the bus for us,’’ he said. “There’s so much competition going on right now. When we’re out here in special teams there will be a lot of guys on the line as far as who can play special teams at a high level and those are going to make the bus.’’

- Jim Nasella