MLAX fall practice under way
Men’s lacrosse coach Guy Van Arsdale is in a little better place than a year ago; not an easier place, merely a little better.

Van Arsdale’s team has started its fall practice schedule, his second, and that there are several pieces in place helps in fall ball.

This time last year, Van Arsdale had been here since early August, just enough time to learn where to park or where the bathroom is.

Now, after a near-playoff season under the team’s collective belt, the program has the opportunity to pick up some momentum heading into the 2013 season.

“In the second year it’s nice to have a group coming back that knows how to do things and the way to get them done,’’ Van Arsdale said. “And, we’re in a position where our returning players can teach the new kids.’’

The goals for the fall practice sessions, there are five a week at about two hours a session and they go until late October or early November, aren’t complicated for the 47-man roster.

“We want to develop cohesiveness and unity and we will play as much as we can,’’ Van Arsdale said. “We are trying to get the freshmen in and as comfortable as they can be as soon as possible and get them integrated into our system.’’

While that is going on, conditioning remains high on the agenda and that’s where pace and playing come in.

“The conditioning comes through the playing, Van Arsdale said. “We practice at a fast pace and we get the conditioning through how we practice.’’

The Dolphins finished 6-7 last season and missed the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference playoffs by a slim point differential.

A year later, things have changed, yet stayed the same.

“We still have challenges, just not the same challenges as last year,’’ Van Arsdale said. “The good news is we have guys who know how to approach the game.’’