SUNDAY, APRIL 14, 2013
Senior Day and a Championship Game Highlight Contest with Detroit on Sunday
Senior goalie Karli Tobin
Senior goalie Karli Tobin
In the four year history of JU women’s lacrosse there have been plenty of firsts. The first win came over Detroit in 2009. The first win against a top-20 opponent came against #19 Denver in 2010. The first conference title followed that year. The first NCAA scoring title was recorded after the 2011 season. All along the way, a group of eight seniors were a part of the successful rise of Dolphin lacrosse from a first year program to a nationally competitive team.

More important than the many firsts has been the legacy of lacrosse that the seniors have passed on to the next generation of championship players. Freshman Kelsey Wiglesworth has seen their encouragement and mentoring first hand. The freshman who has seen action in nearly every game and competed along side of the senior class wouldn’t change a single thing.

“They make me feel comfortable n and off the first. They give great advise to make me feel confident. They are great role models. Hannon has been giving me great advise in the draw. She knows exactly what is going on and let’s me know before I go the field. That helps me be successful,” said Wiglesworth, the freshman from Towson, Maryland.

“The team is very determined. The seniors have helped our team believe in ourselves and they have shown us the way”.

Coach Mindy McCord couldn’t agree more. She got a late start in recruiting her first class but has benefitted from the good fortune of those seniors who have created a multiple championship program.

“When you talk about this class in terms of the type of people they are, they are the best people you could possibly want to be around. They are uplifting, nurturing, competitive, and have impeccable standards. You want to hire these young women right now. There are not many around like them and their success is a byproduct of who they are,” said McCord.

“We have a chance on Sunday to send them out three time champions. Now that is remarkable. We say before every game that our goal is not to win or lose the game, but to play in a manner that is remembered. This group does that. They have pioneered a style of play that is fun to watch. They will have won fifty games by the time they graduate. Fifty games won by a senior class does not happen often, if ever. While none of our eight players were a top 100 recruit coming out of high school, all of them have shown that they are amongst the best college players in the nation. Coaching them has been something that our staff and I will never forget. They will always be remembered here at JU.”

Game time is noon against Detroit. Detroit has win two straight games and three of their last five.

“UD is a second half team. They play their best lacrosse at the end of the year. They are going to give us a serious push because they know they are one win away from the championship themselves. We need to get back to playing our game and taking care of the little things. Against UNC we never took care of the ball. That was a bad game to have a bad game fundamentally and UNC made us pay for it. We can’t play that way against any opponent and be successful, forget about their ranking. It’s time to get back to being the team we are supposed to be.”