Men's Rowing Wraps Fall Schedule
FELLSMERE, Fla. – Competing in three races in their final fall regatta, the Jacksonville University men’s rowing program had another great outing at the FIRA Fall Classic on Saturday at Canal 54. The Novice 8 was the lone crew to finish in a top three position.

Men’s Varsity 4+
Florida Tech finished in the top spot with a time of 12:02 while JU controlled the 6th, 7th, and 8th spots with its A, C and B boats.

Novice 8
Dolphins finished with a time of 12:41 to place second behind Florida.

Varsity 8
Crossing with times of 11:32 and 11:49, the Fin’s A and B boats had top-five efforts as they completed their heat fourth and fifth. The C crew took the tenth spot with a time of 13:16.


Varsity 8+ A Crew: D. Waugh (Coxswain) , B. Cosmillo, A. Stebbins, S. Waitley, C. Rowe, N. Esterline , E. Fournier, S. Carney, S. Del Vecchio

Varsity 8+ B Crew:
B. Hayes (Coxswain), T. Troupe, S. Marra, T. Easterling, M. Lydon, J. Zamora, A. Lake, D. Allen

Varsity 8+ C  & Freshman 8 Crew: S. McDonald (Coxswain), T. Pulliam, V. Garguan, S. Barnett, L. Myhree, F. Maurice, S. Marx, N. MacKay, W. Vennack

Varsity 4+ A Crew: D. Waugh (Coxswain), S. Del Vecchio, S. Waitley, C. Rowe, S. Carney

Varsity 4+ B Crew:
M. Chodorow (Coxswain), A. Stebbins, N. Esterline, B. Macomber, G. Greene

Varsity 4+ C Crew: A. Tate, B. Cosmillo (Coxswain), E. Fournier, S. Kennedy, A. Bechtold