WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 05, 2014 Goes 9 Innings With Tim Montez


Sean Ryan of recently caught up with Jacksonville Head Coach Tim Montez as he gets ready to embark on his first season at the helm of the Dolphins storied program.

Nine Innings with Tim Montez

By Sean Ryan Co-Founder  @collbaseball
After serving as an assistant coach for 27 years, Tim Montez has finally reached the top as head coach at Jacksonville.

Montez was an assistant at Pepperdine (his alma mater), UC Santa Barbara, Cal State Northridge, Arkansas, Fresno State and Jacksonville.

Montez took time to answer our questions about his new position and about the Dolphins program.

First Inning - After more than two decades as a college assistant, how does it feel to finally to be a head coach for the first time?

It’s exciting. I look forward to the challenge. I’ve been blessed over my 23 years at the Division I level and 27 years overall to have been around some great programs and great coaches. The opportunity to have been around Coach Alexander the past eight years has been very beneficial to me. I’ve had opportunities over the years to be a head coach, but for whatever reason I wasn’t able to take those opportunities, but now I have been blessed to have this opportunity and I am excited and I’m ready to go. I know there will be challenges, but that all comes with the territory.

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Nine Innings with Tim Montez