Freshmen/Novice 4 Lead Men at Keuper Cup

FELLSMERE, Fla. – Bright and early Saturday morning, the Jacksonville University men’s rowing program traveled down to Canal-54 to kick off their spring slate with the Keuper Cup.  

“Most of our boats raced well today but our Varsity 8 left a lot to be desired,” said Head Coach Montia Rice. “We have four weeks to figure some things out and put it all together, so we will continue to work hard on improving our racing abilities.”

The Freshmen/Novice 4 crew earned the men’s lone first place finish as they cruised across the finish line 12.7 seconds ahead of Georgia Valley State at 7:19.2. The BB boat, coxed by Marissa Chodorow, contained Sean Meyer, Frank Maurice, Alex DeLong and Will Vennack.  

The second Varsity Eight team opened the day at 10:00 a.m. and crossed second just a few paces behind host Florida Tech at a time of 6:07.8

The third Varsity Eight boat placed second in their heat with a time of 6:22.6

In the fifth event of the day, the Varsity Eight crew finished third with a time of 6:17.3 while the FIT claimed the top spot at 5:54.5.

The program is back in action on March 29 when they host Florida at the Negaard Rowing Center.


2 Varsity 8: Alex Tate(Coxswain), Scott Del Vecchio, Shane Kennedy, Victor Garguan, Eric Fournier, Luke Myhree, Shane Barnett, Scott Marx, Travis Pulliam

3 Varsity 8: Marissa Chodorow (Coxswain),  Victor Garguan, Travis Pulliam, Scott Marx, Shane Barnett, Luke Myhree, Nico MacKay, Troy Troupe, Steven Marra

1 Varsity 8: Stephen McDonald (Coxswain), Andrew Stebbins, Brian Cosmillo, Billy Macomber, Scott Waitley, Chase Rowe, Nathen Esterline, Andrew Bechtold, Sean Carney