JU Dolphin Mascots Featured in NCAA Hall of Champions

June 29, 2005

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Jacksonville University mascots Nellie and Duncan the Dolphin are among 100 NCAA collegiate mascots featured in the summer exhibit "Mascot Mania: Our Fascination with Collegiate Traditions", which is hosted by the NCAA Hall of Champions in Indianapolis. The exhibit, which runs from June 6 through September 24, will feature mascot costumes, photographs, trivia, historical information and interesting anecdotes on numerous NCAA mascots.

Nellie, a 52-year old dolphin currently residing at Marineland of Florida, was awarded JU's "official mascot" in the fall of 1970. Duncan the Dolphin is the costumed cheerleader that can be seen roaming the sidelines of Dolphin sporting events.

To date, JU is one of only five colleges or universities - California State-Channel Islands, College of Staten Island (N.Y.), Le Moyne College (N.Y.) and College of Mount St. Vincent (N.Y.) - to sport the Dolphin moniker, while the only professional organization with the Dolphins nickname is the Miami Dolphins. JU is the first of all the teams to select Dolphins as its official nickname and mascot.