Intensity Is High As Dolphins Continue Preseason Camp

Intensity Is High As Dolphins Continue Preseason Camp

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- With the Dolphins first preseason scrimmage looming on Saturday the focus on practice this opening week has been about competing with a high intensity.

"We've really like the energy and intensity the guys have been bringing to practice all week," sixth-year head coach Kerwin Bell said.

"Our focus over the next few weeks is all about being ready to play JU Football from the opening kickoff at Delaware on Aug. 29."

The biggest change to the Dolphins preseason preparations compared to years past is the length of practice time. But having shorter practices in no way has diminished the level of competitiveness on the field.

"We chose to split the team up into two groups with each going about 1:40 minutes," said Bell. "Our guys have responded great. We thought having a few shorter practices would allow them to get more out of every rep and with the way the team is coming together and competing everything is looking good so far."  

On Saturday the Dolphins will host the first of their two full scrimmages this preseason.

"We have a number of returners back from last year, but with our athleticism and depth there are still a number of competitive spots up for grabs," Bell added. "We feel like most of the guys have a good grasp of what we are trying to do, so now its all about who is ready to play when the lights go on in a full live scrimmage. I think we'll learn a lot about those few positions we still need to fill after tomorrow and next Saturday."