Rowing Invites Old Friends Back for the Annual JU Rowing Alumni Race

Rowing Invites Old Friends Back for the Annual JU Rowing Alumni Race

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Homecoming will be here soon, and the Jacksonville University rowing program would like to invite its friends to join them for the annual events, including the JU Rowing Alumni Race held on October 4, 2014. Join the Dolphins at the Negaard Rowing Center for food and fun, and catch up with your old teammates, share stories of the good ol' days, get back in a boat, and hear all about the excitement of the current program.

Here is the planned schedule for this year's event:

Oct 4, 2014 JU Rowing Alumni Race

7:00-8:00am Coffee and Tea
                 Available upstairs on the Porch
8:00-8:15am Crew line-ups established
                 Crew line-ups created - make your intentions known!!
8:30am Men's Shells and Crews to the water
9:00am Men's Race
                  Varsity Men's Second 8
                  Varsity Men's 8
                  The Alumni Men
9:30am Women's Race
                Varsity Women's Third 8
                Varsity Women's Second 8
                Varsity women's Eight
                The Alumni Women
10am Comments by
                 Jim Mitchell – Director of JU Rowing, Women's Head Coach
                 Marci Robles – Men's Rowing Head Coach
10am Breakfast
                 Served on the balcony deck:  All Alums, Family Members and
                 Current Teammates are welcome.
For a complete list of events, check out
Contact the JU Director of Rowing, Jim Mitchell, if you plan to attend the alumni race or if you have any questions.