Day Two of Knecht Cup Highlighted by Second Varsity Four Win

Day Two of Knecht Cup Highlighted by Second Varsity Four Win

WEST WINDSOR, N.J. – The Jacksonville University men's rowing program capped its season-opening weekend with a win in the second varsity four final at the Knecht Cup Saturday.  

A fraction of a second separated the first and second place crews in the 2V4, and Jacksonville came away the victor. In a head-to-head battle with George Mason, the Dolphins pulled away at the very end to win with a time of 7:09.95. The Patriots finished in 7:10.50.

The men's pair was the first to race on the day, finishing in 7:34.55 to place fourth in its final. In comparison to its preliminary heat a day prior (8:11.08), the mark was a successful turnaround.

Colgate was the first to cross the finish line (6:43.98) in the varsity four final, and Jacksonville rounded out the field in 6:51.34. Saturday, the Dolphins recorded a time of 7:21.81 in their prelim.

Next Saturday, Jacksonville returns to the waters at the SIRA Championship Regatta.

Varsity Pair
1. Lafayette (7:15.09)
2. Philadelphia (7:24.99)
3. Drexel A (7:26.85)
4. Jacksonville (7:34.55)
5. Hobart (8:13.57)

Stroke – Thornton Szynkarski; Bow – Cameron Larsson

Second Varsity Four
1. Jacksonville (7:09.95)
2. George Mason (7:10.50)
3. Bowdoin (7:13.47)
4. Army (7:18.25)
5. Rhode Island (7:23.91)
6. NY Maritime (7:33.32)

Cox – Giovanni Magro; Stroke – Gregory Diggins; 3 – Jake Capistran; 2 – Ryan Springer; Bow – Chris Nichols

Varsity Four
1. Colgate (6:43.98)
2. George Mason (6:46.85)
3. Villanova (6:48.33)
4. Delaware B (6:48.64)
5. Marist A (6:49.84)
6. Jacksonville (6:51.34)

Cox – Alexander Tate; Stroke – Zachary Kelso; 3 – Daniel Gleim; 2 – Nathan Esterline; Bow – Travis Pulliam