Dolphin Dozen: Jody Julmice

Dolphin Dozen: Jody Julmice

 The Dolphin Dozen series of interviews continues with women's lacrosse senior attack Jody Julmice. She is a Louisville transfer who is entering her fourth year with the program. 

  1. Do you have any superstitions pregame, things you have to do every time?

Things I have to do, well I'll just walk you through my routine. Basically, I wake up in the morning, do a nice little stretch, look at myself in the mirror, make sure I'm good, make sure I get my inner beast out. Then I'll head over to Dunkin' [Donuts], get myself a bagel and a sweet tea and then go to the locker room and you know you've got to do it with the dance parties in the locker room, so that's the most important thing. I've got to have my dance party before the game.

Dance parties, does that just get you loose, what is the thought process?

When you're going into a game, you might be stressed, you might be thinking about the opponent, but there is nothing like dancing it off, dancing the stress away. I love dancing, me and my teammates love dancing, so it's a good hype meter.

  1. What is your greatest athletic achievement in high school or college?

My sophomore year, it was a championship game, we were down by two. My coach put me in and I scored two goals in 30 seconds and we won the conference championship. That was the most the most amazing feeling, the most amazing moment to share with my teammates. That's definitely the best achievement I've accomplished here.

I think you were vertical on one of those shots if I remember correctly.

Yeah, I was pretty much upside down, I don't know if I was doing a kick or something, but I was in the air. I love that shot, it's on posters everywhere. I love it.

  1. When did you start playing lacrosse?

I started playing lacrosse in 10th grade.

We heard a little earlier (in Lillie Miller's interview) that perhaps you can start playing as early as five or six. What drew you to playing lacrosse in high school?

Yeah, super late to the game, but I was a track runner. I ran the 100, the 4x100, I threw shot and did pole vault. I for sure thought I was going to college for track. Then the lacrosse coach at my high school pulled me over and gave me this magazine which [featured] this girl who was pretty much the top player back home and he told me 'you're going to be one of the best, you've just got to come out and practice one time.' I was like 'uh, I've never played lacrosse before', but everyday day he was on me 'just come to one practice' and I came out to one practice and I was actually pretty good. The next day he said 'I want you to start in a game' and I was like 'What?! No way'. I went to the game, he said 'guard this girl and do not let her go anywhere'. I kind of went out there and did my job and fell in love with lacrosse.

You kind of found you were a natural.

Exactly, yeah.

  1. If you were playing a different sport, what would you play, would you still be competing in track?

You know what, when I was about four years old my parents put a tennis racket in my hand and I started playing tennis, competitively, up until about seventh grade. I went to academy for tennis, I did everything for tennis, but I think just because I started at such a young age I got burned out, got tired of it and wanted to experience new sports. But, if I could choose again it'd be tennis.

  1. What is your go-to song on your hype playlist?

"31 Days" by Future.

What drew you to that one?

When Future came out with his new album over the summer, I work out with a bunch of NFL players back home with my trainer, and they started playing the playlist and I was like 'Woah'. Then "31 Days" came on and it's just that kind of song, you just start moving and you just know that's the hype song right there.

  1. You transferred in here, what led you to transfer to JU?

I wanted a different culture than the culture I was in, something where it was family and the coaches cared about you as an individual and what you're going to do after college. Coach [Mindy] McCord and CP [Coach Paul McCord] actually coached me in high school, I played for their club team. It was easy when I knew I wanted to transfer, I knew I wanted to go to a program where I was going to trust my coaches and my coaches were going to invest in me as a player, so JU was an easy choice.

  1. What is your major and why did you choose it?

Sports business. I went the sports business route because I want to do personal training on the side, but for my career I want to become an occupational therapist. After my senior year, I will be applying to the doctorate program for OT.

At JU?

I'm looking at different options, but JU is definitely top five.

  1. Where are you from and what is the defining characteristic of it?

Miami. There is a lot to choose from. I'd say the Spanish music, the palm trees and the environment. Everybody is happy, there's a lot of tourists and there is a lot of walking around and beaches.

  1. What is your favorite memory from a road trip?

That's a good one. Honestly, it's when I'm on the bus, and we're driving anywhere, we put on some instrumentals and me and my teammates Lille [Miller] and Bill [Erica Beal] we go ham! We spit bars, it's awesome.

  1. Why do you wear your number?

I kind of got 32 when I transferred over here, there weren't really many options, but I've learned to embrace it. I actually love 32, when I went back home I got a pendant and necklace with 32 on it. I rep it now, I love it.

  1. Do you eat anything besides the bagel from Dunkin' pregame?

I learned pretty quick, my freshman and sophomore year I had a donut with that bagel from Dunkin' Donuts, until I realized I was gaining a few pounds [laughs] so I had to cut out the donut. Now I keep it simple with the bagel and the iced tea.

Do you have a halftime snack?

I actually don't. I don't really get hungry during games.

That is a blessing. I was one that always got hungry, then you eat and you feel terrible during the second half.

[Laughs] For sure.

  1. Don't know who is coming up next, but if you had a question that you could ask any fellow student-athlete on campus, what would you want to know?

I want to know how are you going to change perspective on your team.

And what is your go-to dance move, because that was the question that was asked for you.

Oh, definitely "The Shoot" [starts dancing] Shoot! Shoot!